Turning Back Time And Other Annoyances Of Parenthood BACK TO BLOG



Ghosts, goblins and candy corn … Halloween is fast approaching and with it, the dreaded time change as we say goodbye to daylight savings time.  This year it actually happens after Halloween, on Sunday, November 3rd.  Happily this time change usually works in a parent’s favor; bedtime is happening when it’s dark out and this is just naturally a time to snuggle in as winter nears.  As you get ready to transition your little one to the time change, consider moving bedtime back by just 10 minutes each night until the time officially changes, and then you should be good to go!  Keeping the rhythm of your child’s bedtime is super important all year long, but especially during these time changes.  Creating a bedtime ritual of bath, story, song and good night kiss can help your child understand what they can expect for bedtime and that helps everyone settle down for the night!