Classes & Groups Being Offered For Expecting Mothers

Becoming a parent can be exciting, challenging and a little overwhelming.

With overstuffed couches, no scary movies, and endless helpful information, our prenatal classes will give you the knowledge, tools and confidence you need to easily prepare for the birth of your sweet little bundle of joy.

A note for all of our moms (and their partners): Just in case your little one may surprise you with an early arrival… please plan to complete your class(es) before your 34th week of pregnancy!

Meet The Doulas


This is an informal way to meet the women who are on our team of Doulas at Nini Bambini! We begin by explaining the services we offer and the role we take part in during your prenatal, perinatal, and postpartum time period. We then introduce ourselves and help you learn who we are and why we came into this profession. There is then time for our families to talk one-on-one with Doulas of their choice. 

Children are welcome and partners are encouraged to attend as well. If you would like to get to know our Doulas before coming to the event, please visit the Wellness Services > Nini Doulas section of our website where you will find biographies for most of our Certified Doulas and Doulas-in-training. 

Our Doulas-in-training are booking clients free of charge in order to complete their certification requirements. The trainees have the same training as our Certified Doulas and also have access to the knowledge from the team of Doulas when needed. 

There is no cost to attend this event; however, advance registration is encouraged! We hope to see you!

Preparing for Birth – 4 Week Class


Whether this is your first baby - and you have no idea what to expect, or you have done this before, but you want a refresher,join Karlene Clair, birth doula, lactation counselor, and childbirth educator, for a childbirth class unlike any other!She will discuss the stages of pregnancy all the way to the first hours after birth. Karlene believes a woman’s birth is a series of short, yet influential moments that will be remembered forever.
In this 4-week childbirth class, parents will be given unbiased, evidence-based material that will encourage reflection and exploration in all the available options in our area hospitals, alternate birth places, and home births too! Karlene offers a safe place for you and your partner to learn and form your own conception of your birth story.
Our curriculum utilizes various methods, including an informative presentation, group discussions and interactive activities, where you will be encouraged to take a more active role in your childbirth class experience. By offering hands-on participation, and thought-provoking activities, the class is truly a fun and enjoyable experience!
Karlene also brings along the Empathy Belly™ so your partner can experience what it feels like to be pregnant too!

Karlene has the knowledge and experience to help you prepare for your unique labor and birth journey. You’ll learn what you can expect from your body and mind, including the anatomy of labor and birth and the stages of labor. You'll learn comfort strategies and relaxation for labor, as well as coping techniques, and how to better include your partner while using them!
Additionally, we'll review what you can expect from your hospital or birthing center, medical interventions, what you can expect in the postpartum period, and so much more – including a special guest appearance from Brandy Hill of Banyan Tree Yoga! She will be instructing and discussing the numerous benefits of Prenatal Yoga – for pregnancy, labor & birth.
Relax, learn, laugh, and celebrate birth with Karlene!

The advantages to taking a non-hospital childbirth class:
  • The instructor has the capability to customize the class to the needs of the attendees, instead of a fixed curriculum
  • There can be so much pressure when discussing birth, having a neutral professional ensures evidence-based information to assist with creating your own beliefs
Please note, we recommend starting this 4 Week class at approximately your 30th week of pregnancy, but is not required.
Cost is $115 per couple.
To enroll in this class, please visit: and make sure to scroll down to search for Preparing for Birth!